Connectation ~ Making Connections and Building Relationships


Simplicity ~ taking a concept and breaking it down so everyone understands it

Value ~ giving you the results you need

Know how ~ possessing the skills required in various social settings

Connectation Consulting focuses on creating mental health awareness and reducing the stigma associated with mental illness.

Life is about growth and personal change. Bronwen Strembiski is an inspirational and motivational speaker and trainer who shares her personal experience while helping others discover their inner power. Filled with personal anecdotes and real life experiences, Bronwen's programs are dynamic and interactive.

Bronwen shares her experiences of living with Chronic Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder while discussing the lessons she has learnt from the illnesses. She presents helpful ideas on what her road to recovery looked like, reflecting on the importance of knowing that one is not alone, admitting that something is truly wrong, and accepting the need to be on medication for the rest of one’s life. Through specific examples, she will discuss how the illnesses have uncovered her passion for life, her creativity and sensitivity to others, and the patterns she has developed that keep her journey on course and provide a will to fight.

Listening to Bronwen talk about her personal challenges is truly inspirational. Not only does bring laughter and encouragement, but she also delights her audiences as she offer life-changing insight and practical skills.

Connectation helps individuals develop greater self-awareness through their ability to

~ express and manage emotions

~ understand and appreciate others

~ build positive relationships

~ communicate effectively with others

These skills support and reflect self-esteem, empathy, and appropriate social behaviour.

"What is the point of knowledge if it is not shared?"

- Bronwen Strembiski

St. Albert, Alberta Canada